On Fri, 2005-06-17 at 10:12 -0400, Jim Fulton wrote:
> > Thanks for mentioning this.  I'd like to see blob storage get in before
> > 2.9.  I think it'd be a good candidate for a 2.8-dot release because
> > it's backwards compatible and optional.   It ahould be "done" (needs a
> > bit more testing and some minor implementation decisions) in the next
> > few weeks, I suspect.
> It can't go into a bug fix release because it is a new feature.
> Perhaps you can find a way to release it as an add-on product.

It really can't be released as an add-on Product (big P) for Zope unless
we were willing to introduce the ZODB hooks it depends upon within ZODB
itself.  It would be counterproductive to release it as an add-on
product that monkeypatches ZODB.

That said, it's really not a Zope feature, it's entirely a ZODB feature
(save for the zconfig magic that stitches it in to Zope's config

I guess there could be some sort of standalone ZODB release that
included blobs.  If someone expresses a desire for that, I'd be happy to
create it along with a tiny Zope product that stitched the blobstorage
stuff into Zope's config machinery.  But if no one expresses an
interest, I probably won't.

> It would be good for people to get some experience with it
> before it is released in a stable release.

We have historically always had the opportunity to introduce features
that preserve 100% b/c (like filestream iterators) in point releases.
This has worked pretty well for the last few years.

- C

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