[Chris McDonough]
> Thanks for the offer!  I won't be able to visit ZC world HQ tomorrow,
> though unless you'd be there and willing to start around 10pm.

Alas, they're still under the delusion that 10 _am_ is "late" here, so
while I agree 10pm is saner on all counts, I'll be gone before then.

> "Other duties" is my official excuse but I'm also horrified by the idea that
> I'd be expected to wear pants if I came over there.  That's just uncivilized. 
> :-)

There was such a backlash against the "pants required" policy that
it's OK to wear diapers instead now.  Progress, anyway.


>> Check.  Question:  does zodb-blobs-branch contain anything you _don't_
>> want to see on Zope trunk now?  You didn't mention anything like that
>> here.

> No (save for inappropriate svn:externals to ZODB and ZEO).

In that case, and since you say later there's no reason to keep this
branch after the merge is done, I suggest merging directly from
zodb-blobs-branch to Zope trunk.  Unless I'm missing something, there
really doesn't seem to be a point to creating another intermediate
branch first.


> Yes.  The zodb-blobs-branch can just die after this merge if there's a
> way to get delete branches entirely.

Yes and no ;-)  "A branch" or "a tag" in SVN is just another named
directory, with non-mandatory conventions for choosing its path name. 
It can be deleted, like any other directory.  That doesn't get rid of
it entirely, just as no directory can be gotten rid of entirely:  you
can always revert the checkin in which it was deleted, and then it
will magically reappear.  Unlike as under CVS, though, deleted
branches don't keep punching you in the face if you don't go out of
your way to find them.  For example, these are all the visible ZODB
branches today:

$ svn list svn://svn.zope.org/repos/main/ZODB/branches

Note that none of the other branches we created at the ZODB sprint, or
most of the branches created since then, still show up (I deleted them
after merging to then-current ZODB trunk).  SVN is very nice this way!

> If there is to be a long-lived branch, it will be the "blob-merge-branch" of 

Afraid so, yes.  Is it time to delete the ctheune-blobsupport branch?

> Given that Zope 2.9 is not going to ship with blob support due to
> feature freeze, I think this means that we have until May to allow the
> blob-merge-branch to get utterly out of sync with the ZODB trunk.  We
> can then easily wait until, say, the last week in April to worry about
> issues caused by that desynchronization.  The work necessary to remerge
> should provide just the appropriate amount of delay to allow blobs to
> miss the next major Zope release. ;-)

Excellent!  I'm glad you're thinking hard about this -- it gets hard
delaying release after release all by myself ;-)
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