[Chris McDonough]
|> Note that I don't have a strong opinion about this either way but I will
> note that at least Zope 2's subclass of the "zodb" config handler will
> need to continue to be willing to use the section title as the database
> name for backwards compatibility reasons, as people who have older Zopes
> will want to use their older config files (which have zodb_db sections
> that have section titles, and no "database-name" key) with new Zope
> releases.

Note that when you look at Zope2's zopeschema.xml's zodb_db config,
there isn't a clue there that the section's name is used for
something, let alone what it's used for.  This lack of discoverability
goes away when using an named key, and that's a better long-term place
to be.

I don't expect that adding an optional named key to <zodb> config will
_stop_ <zodb_db> config from doing whatever it wants to do instead. 
If it does, I agree that would be a problem.
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