Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
The feature freeze date for the June release is only days away. It was
planned to be May 1st, but due to lots of pending branches, we might let
it slip for a *couple* of days (not more!).

I've compiled a rough list of outstanding tasks for Zope 2.10:
Please complete and/or correct this list.

It is up to the release managers (Stephan, Andreas) and the Pope to
decide the exact feature freeze date, but I would suggest that we start
merging those branches real soon.

But, of course, only the branches that are ready should be merged.
Where "ready" means the author has a reasonable expectation that a
beta release can be made after after the merge.

It would be helpful if the authors of the branches listed on:

would update the page by either deleting their branch or giving
a realistic estimate of when it will be ready.  It's
a good idea to be conservative.  The next release after this one
is not very far away (November).

I propose we exclude any branches that don't have an estimate
by Monday.


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