On 31 May 2006, at 19:20, Tres Seaver wrote:
I uploaded a similar one, except with deprecation warning, to the
collector issue I added:


Ah thanks, I missed it.

My variation also creates an expression which would raise a KeyError if
evaluated, rather than returning None.  I don't think anybody can
actually be depending on what the current code gives back if an empty
expression is called, so yours should be equally fine.

If you say it used to return the expression context, then I'm pretty sure nobody used the result. OTOH I'd rather return None just in case, it gives reasonable semantics.

WRT dprecation:  I would actually prefer no* to have the warning,
myself; I don't think that a usage which has been workable for so long
is actually in error.

I agree, we should just decree "in Zope 2, empty ZPT path expression are allowed and evaluate to None".


We should probably add a test which verifies compilability of empty
expressions, plus whichever behavior we specify.

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