Tres Seaver wrote:
I agree with you that there should be BBB code that provides the old
behavior and I agree with Philipp that not using that old behavior is a
benefit for the CMF.

Sure.  I just don't want to *make* people upgrade CMF when upgrading
Zope, unless there is a reason which is important *to the CMF*.

An interesting factoid I found while spelunking this issue: the CMF (by
way of DCWorkflow) is literally the oldest consumer of the expression
machinery outside of ZPT itself!  Shane's earliest checkin of the
'Expression' module was nearly 5 years ago, and used an empty string as
the class-level default for the 'text' attribute.

FWIW the following patches gives the proper BBB behaviour.
Shall I check it in? Does it need to send a deprecation warning?


Index: Products/PageTemplates/
--- Products/PageTemplates/       (revision 68406)
+++ Products/PageTemplates/       (working copy)
@@ -99,6 +99,8 @@
 class ZopePathExpr(PathExpr):

     def __init__(self, name, expr, engine):
+        if name == 'standard' and not expr:
+            expr = 'nothing'
         super(ZopePathExpr, self).__init__(name, expr, engine,


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