Andreas Jung wrote:
For me, the fact that Zope 2.9.3 still emits
deprecation warnings on a fresh install (zLOG...) is a pretty bad sign.

Deprecation warning is only annoying but not a bad sign. Deprecations are not a functional problem.

That sends a pretty bad message. It's not really acceptable for a stable (ie: non-beta) point release to emit deprecation warnings. It's a sign that time-based releases are forcing releases that aren't ready to become "production releases" :-(

right...I did not think that we deprecated and removed something without having a reasonable replacement...or did we?

I think the timeframes feel to short. If we really must have time based releases (and I'm really starting to feel like they're a bad idea...) then 9 months or a year would be better between new feature releases.

Personally, I find non-time-based releases a much nicer prospect: you only need to move to the next major version when it's ready and because it contains big new features you really want.



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