Chris Withers wrote:
> Tres Seaver wrote:
>> Unit test coverate for custom products is actually quite good.  The
>> problems are nearly always to do with "third party" products, many of
>> which have been in "useful stable" mode since long before either
>> deprectaions or ubiquitous unit testing were part of our community's
>> development culture.
> Case in point: Squishdot hasn't seen any active maintenance in about 5
> years, but it still worked fine up until zLOG disappeared and I started
> getting whine about 'methods'...

So it still works fine in all stable Zope 2 releases. zLOG was only
removed on the Zope trunk and methods is just a deprecation warning,
apparently. You still have a couple of months left to fix it up and the
deprecation warnings have already bugged you for several months in the past.

The reason Squishdot has worked for five years is that Zope 2
never had a deprecation policy. Stuff was added and refactored, but old
stuff wasn't deprecated. That isn't a big deal, but now we do have
deprecation. This policy allows us to move forward (which Zope 2 never
really did for the the majority of those five years you mention).

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