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checkins list. Yes, I know. I know. I'm bad. But all of you have been there before, I'm pretty sure, so I hope you can sympathize.

...and how!

And why the should the core emit a deprecation warning?


the goal here? Removing zLOG is (at least by any sane measure) totally gratuitous in the first place,

Actually, I don't agree, zLOG is a PITA...

So, anyway, I have a really significant number of released products that make use of zLOG.

Loose 'zLOG', sub in a generic X for some feature I've relied on (History copy, etc) and I'm totally with you...

I can't keep up with the release cycle, or the deprecations. These products will likely just be broken for new Zope releases and will emit warning messages for stable branches for some period of time. People are gonna be pissed.


The time-based release cycle just amplifies this across many branches and point releases, so nobody really knows which products work with what branch/release and under what configuration some feature is supposed to emit a deprecation warning without a good deal of testing. The *reason* I'm stuck back on 2.8 and haven't upgraded the products I maintain to behave nicely on 2.9+ is because I just can't keep the fuck up with these sorts of changes. It's a self-perpetuating cycle because the only sane defensive maneuver for me is to stick with 2.8 for existing customer projects. I say to myself that I'll move them to 2.9 or 2.10, or 2.11, or whatever happens to be the current release once I get a chance to breathe, but honestly, this is the *last* thing I'll do; I've got plenty of other coding to do.

Amen, again...

There *have* to be other people in the same boat as I am. Speak up if so! Zope 2 is really just not the place to make sweeping innovations. We are losing working products as a result of these "innovations", and as a result, probably developers, and as a result of that, end users. In general we are being *way*, *way*, *way* too aggressive about deprecations and API changes in Zope 2. Sometimes you just need to live with your mistakes.

*rounds of cheering*


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