Wichert Akkerman wrote:
Previously Max M wrote:
Andreas Jung wrote:
At some point you have to make a cut to get rid of old crap. Fixing the zLOG issue is a straight forward approach with very little risks for the programmer and it won't take too much time..I don't see a major problem with that.

Except that it hits a sore spot for open source right on the head.

Products are developed for our customers, and they will keep working for those customers until they choose to upgrade.

But until then you don't upgrade and the changes made in later Zope
versions are not relevant. If and when you do an upgrade you will have
update your products to reflect that Zope (and other products)
have evolved. That will always be true for upgrades.

Okay, 2 point:

1. That's all well and good until you _need_ some feature like MVCC and are then forced to do an upgrade which breaks prettymuch every one of your products.

2. Yeah, we all know that bugs should get fixed on all stable branches, but that becomes less and less likely the more stable branches there are. Time based releases seem to be making this problem much much worse.



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