Dieter Maurer wrote:
>> * cutting down the amount of code duplication and duplicated frameworks.
>> We've had two ZPT implementations, now we have to maintain only one. We
>> had our own logging framework, now we can simply use Python's, etc.
> The second logging framework ("zLOG") was a tiny wrapper around Python's
> logging -- no need to force changes by removing it.

This is ok with me, but isn't currently part of our deprecation policy.
I wouldn't mind changing our policy though. Either way, zLOG/
said since Zope 2.8:

  This module exists only for backward compatibility.  Any new code
  for Zope 2.8 and newer should use the logging module from Python's
  standard library directly.

So, raising the deprecation warnings in the first place was the right
thing. Removing zLOG perhaps wasn't, but again, we should reevaluate our
policy then.

>> Even more so, they're already documented by someone else. (Was zLOG ever
>> documented? I don't think so. But the 'logging' module is.)
> Its configuration was documented in the Zope schema file.
> Its single API method was self explaining...

Not everybody is as smart as you are, Dieter. And certainly not everyone
would get the idea of reading code or ZConfig schema files as documentation.


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