Florent Guillaume wrote:
On 20 Jun 2006, at 13:23, Martijn Faassen wrote:
We've actually noticed Five 1.2.4 is not compatible with Five 1.2 in some way to do with mysterious 'index.html' bits appearing after URLs where we thought they shouldn't. We haven't tracked this down and we might not for a while (we just switched back to Five 1.2..), just wanted to let you know Five 1.2 has some compatibility issues..

I was looking at the publisher, and it hacks the URL to explicitely add the default view to it when a default view is used. That might explain it. You're saying Zope 2.10 doesn't do that? I thought it did too.

I'm just comparing Zope 2.8 + Five 1.2 with Zope 2.8 + Five 1.2.4. I have no idea what Zope 2.10 does.

It broke a lot of stuff for us, so we switched back until we can figure out what's going on when we upgrade that piece of code to a newer version of Zope.



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