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I found a thread (from March 2006) discussing the future of zclasses, but
i could not determine if a 'final' decision had been made.

According to Changes.txt for Zope 2.10.0:

"ZClasses are deprecated and should no longer be used. In addition any
code related to the ZClasses (re)distribution mechanism is removed."

Right. And nobody stepped in to work on an alternative solution. Another
indication that the core developers don't care much about ZClasses.

Does this mean that any application which incorporates zclasses will
break if upgraded to zope 2.10.x?


Oh crap...

The reason i ask is that i have a huge legacy system (zope 2.6) that is
about to be upgraded to a more current version of zope, and i am
wondering if this is the time to replace the zclass utilization (a
seriously non-trivial task!).

It's definitely time to work on a replacement.

Much louder  'oh crap...'

Thanks for the insight, i now know what i am going to be doing for the foreseeable future ;-(

... i don't suppose anyone has an 'automagical' utility that instantly transforms zclasses to python classes, and then changes all dtml/external method usage do they? ...didn't think so ;-)

Thanks again,


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