Philipp von Weitershausen wrote at 2006-10-7 23:51 +0200:
> ...
>> I find that the introduction of classes with (multiple) inheritance
>> has been very economic. It was another concept but a highly fruitful
>> one, despite the fact that they are not so liked in Zope3 land.
>I think "fat" objects from mixing many different concerns into a single 
>implementation are a failed approach.
>Seeing how flexible you can be wit
>   a) separating concerns (functionality, responsibilities) into 
>separate objects called components and
>   b) making the lookup of these components pluggable (using registries 
>a.k.a. the Component Architecture),

I am almost convinced that in some years these registries
will share the fate of acquisition: they will be seens as too much

I expect this to happen as soon as Zope3 is becoming main stream
and not only used by the fittest people.

>I would not recommend anyone to over-use multiple inheritance as it's 
>been done in Zope 2.

I am a strong favorite of (multiple) inheritance and use it excessively.
I have the feeling that it makes me very productive.

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