Jonathan wrote at 2006-9-28 15:11 -0400:
> ...
>For internal applications I would rather leave the ZClasses in place and try 
>to fix whatever breaks when zope is upgraded, however the application that 
>caused my initial question is for an external client (with no in-house zope 
>expertise of their own) and they are not at all pleased with the idea of 
>having to 'fix things' everytime they update their zope version.

Who speaks about every time (of an upgrade).

I remember 2 (small) ZClass related problems after Zope upgrades
and 1 time (for Zope 2.8) where ZClasses were not ready
for the Zope beta version.

The Zope 2.8 port of ZClasses was probably a significant effort
(Thank's Jim). It is not unlikely that they will die should another
such effort be necessary.

However, for the next releases, no such effort is on the horizon.

We might see small (unanticipated) problems like the 2 mentioned

>In this particular instance, I am going to have to 'bite-the-bullet' and 
>remove all traces of ZClasses, so that they can upgrade to future versions 
>of zope without fear.

It is your choice. I will not argue against it....

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