Jonathan wrote at 2006-9-27 12:42 -0400:
>I found a thread (from March 2006) discussing the future of zclasses, but i 
>could not determine if a 'final' decision had been made.
>According to Changes.txt for Zope 2.10.0:
>"ZClasses are deprecated and should no longer be used. In addition any code 
>related to the ZClasses (re)distribution mechanism is removed."
>Does this mean that any application which incorporates zclasses will break if 
>upgraded to zope 2.10.x?

I do not think so.

Jim invested considerable time to make ZClasses working for Zope 2.8.

Future modififications will probably not break ZClasses severely.

Also the thread that ZClass (re)distribution code will be removed
need not worry you too much. Fortunately, Zope is open source
and you can simply combine the new release with pieces of an older
release to retain features essential to you.

This way, the power of overly eager release managers (and other
removal friendly Zope developers) is limited :-)

We have a large ZClass based application. And I will keep it

However, our current strategy is to skip more and
more Zope releases (we are still at Zope 2.8.1) because
the features newly introduced in the newer Zope releases
are not worth the upgrade efforts.
Currently, we plan our next upgrade to Zope 2.11 (to make
use of "eggification").
Therefore, I cannot promiss to fix potential ZClass problems
in Zope 2.10 in a timely manner.

If eggification comes with Zope 2.11 (otherwise, we may delay our
upgrade until Zope 2.12), then ZClasses will work again for this

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