Philipp von Weitershausen wrote at 2006-9-29 01:35 +0200:
>Dieter Maurer wrote:
>> Philipp von Weitershausen wrote at 2006-9-28 14:23 +0200:
>>> ...
>>> Why not set marker interfaces directly on the objects? That whole "type" 
>>> thing is unnecessary. Just use interfaces.
>> Usually, a type is seen as a set of objects, its type instances.
>> It is quite nice to be able to work on a object set meta level
>> rather than on individual objects....
>Sure, though I don't see how an interface can't represent this meta 
>level. Perhaps I'm missing an important point here...

You want to stick this interface to individual objects,
while Lennart proposed to stick it to a type and use
some kind of inheritance to make it effective on all objects
instantiated from this type.

For me, Lennart's approach seems to be far more economic, as
he does things on an abstract (the type) level rather than
always work on the concrete (the individual object) level.

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