Lennart Regebro wrote:
I don't mind making Products.Five smaller. And I don't mind making
loads of small packages called five.something either.

That said, I think it's important to make as much of zope3 work under
zope2, so any zope3 package included in the zope2 distribution should
also have it's corresponding five package included, if it exists.

... or if it's even necessary. I think we should also still pursue the effort of making Zope 3 integration into Zope 2 more seamless, making five.something hopefully unnecessary most of the time.

That means, that unless you are planning to not include most of Zope3
in Zope2.12, most five packages should be included as well.

Yes, probably.

And if you don't include most of Zope3, then I think most people
using Five will be very confused. So I suspect that the hope of not
having to maintain stuff is somewhat overly hopeful. ;)

Well, I won't have to maintain their code at least. If Whit creates five.intid, he's the maintainer of that package. I might still decide to make it part of Zope 2 at some point, but I won't have to maintain it.
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