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Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Hanno Schlichting wrote:
Log message for revision 80945:
  Moved two implements declarations from Five into the proper classes.
I object to this change. HTTPRequest does not really fulfil the
IBrowserRequest interface, and ObjectManager isn't a real IContainer
either. I understand that somebody made a mistake when they declared
them as such in the early days of Five. This is the reason we can't take
it back. But, at least as a sign of the fact that they're not (yet) the
real deal, this declaration has remained in ZCML.

A sensible step forward would be to make HTTPRequest a full
IBrowserRequest (we're getting there). As for ObjectManager, I think
IContainer implies a couple of semantics (such as unicode names, the
sending of events, etc.) that we should look closer at before deciding.

I've found the fact that ObjectManager implements IContainer to be a
problem in my application where I have a mixin implementing then
ObjectManager expectations by adapting to IContainer (this allows most
of my code to be zope 3 like with the zope 2 compatibility contained).
I've had to subclass IContainer and adapt to my subclass instead.

The only place I've run into problems using unicode names is in the
ZCatalog (or maybe CatalogTool) where there is a test that a name
isinstance str.

I guess we need to either actually implement the relevant interfaces,
or split the interfaces into something that can be implemented...

Preferably not too far down the class hierarchy. It would be useful for things such as cmf's PortalFolder not to implement IContainer directly, it makes non-zodb content much easier if an adapter can be used.

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