Chris Withers wrote:
Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
$ svn co $z/RestrictedPython/trunk RestrictedPython   (or a branch)
$ cd RestrictedPython
$ /your/development/python
$ bin/buildout

$ bin/test

($z refers to svn+ssh:// on my system)

Where does this put the code that I'd be changing?

Uh, you checked it out (first line: svn co).

Are any dependencies brought out as svn checkouts or just got as stable releases?

Dependencies will be downloaded from PyPI (or any other index you specify) as eggs.

Note that this procedure is the canonical one for all packages maintained in nowadays.

OK, is there a non-buildout equivalent?

There's python develop, which will also install the checked out thing as a development egg, but it will try and install the dependencies in the site-packages of the 'python' you used to call it with. This usually means isntalling things globally (unless you use virtualenv).

Also, you don't get a test runner this easily (though we should probably make python test work at some point, it currently doesn't work).

The neat thign about the buildout way is that

- it's an absolute no-brainer
- it's completely self-contained (nothing is installed outside that one directory, unless you explicitly allow that).
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