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One thing that sucks right now for the repoze.zope2 story is that Zope 2 isn't "officially" packaged in an egg-friendly form so the Repoze guys have to repackage it. It'd be great to be able to get Zope 2 released in
a way that can at least optionally be installable as eggs.

I think this should be a major goal for Zope 2.12. We possibly will have a Zope-(2 oriented) sprint in summer in Germany. If there are volunteers and interest I could add this to the possible sprint topics. Feedback welcome.

Personally, I'd be happy if Zope2 was shipped as a single egg almost exactly like we ship it here:


The one thing I'd like to see is ZODB (and "transaction") removed from it. This is currently a little hard given that some C extensions in Zope depend on ZODB headers. Fixing that would likely be less than a day's worth of work for a sufficiently motivated person.

I'm -1 on breaking it out into many eggs like Z3 is broken out now unless there's some super-compelling reason to do so for some limited number of packages (e.g. I can see StructuredText coming out).

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