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Thoughts? Objections?
I've caught the repoze bug, and if this makes a Repoze.zope3 easier to
do/happier, then I'm all for it.
I suspect the work I did a couple of weeks ago adding paste support to zope.publisher would go a long way. That was released in zope.publisher 3.5.0.

Then again, since this makes it easy to use zope3 in paste, I don't know what repose adds.

It splits virtual hosting, transaction management, error logging and retry out as WSGI middleware. I'm not sure how much of that is shared between Zope 2 and Zope 3, of course.

Really, I see Repoze as being mainly about patterns and packaging. I'm sure Chris and Tres would like to maintain as little software as possible.

One thing that sucks right now for the repoze.zope2 story is that Zope 2 isn't "officially" packaged in an egg-friendly form so the Repoze guys have to repackage it. It'd be great to be able to get Zope 2 released in a way that can at least optionally be installable as eggs.


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