Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Andreas Jung wrote:
during the latest 'zope.publisher' thread on zope-dev I came up with
the proposal to eggify the Zope core for the Zope 2.12 release. I would like to start a discussion about the pros and cons, risks and advantages of any eggification effort.

Chris favors a 'big' Zope egg with some dependencies (like ZODB) stripped out.

I have pretty much done this already. [1] defines an egg called 'Zope2'. All the Zope 3 eggs are dependencies, as are a few "non-core" packages such as ExtensionClass, Acquisition, etc. (which are already eggified and available on PyPI).

I should add here that the 'Zope2' egg is far from finished. The things I split off (Acquisition, DateTime, ExtensionClass, etc.) are working fine by themselves, but the 'Zope2' egg needs some more attention to get its tests passing and to get it working in a production environment.

I think *one* good goal of this sprint could be to switch repoze.zope2 over from using the 'zopelibs' egg to using the 'Zope2' egg. The 'Zope2' egg should still work by itself in an instance-like fashion, obviously.
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