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Wichert Akkerman wrote:
Previously Martin Aspeli wrote:
I'm not sure this is all that useful. For Plone 4, we're just going to have a number of plone.*,* and Products.* (and a few others, like kss.*) eggs that we can put in a KGS or version pin in a single "Plone" egg.
For Plone 4 we may also collapse all the* packages in a
single package.


This is slightly off-topic here, but I think the arguments are roughly:

- Single package makes it easier for the release manager: only one thing to release and test

- Single package is a bit safer, lest people get their versions messed up somehow and create an incompatible environment

- Multiple packages makes it a easier for people who know what they're doing to "backport" a single package into an earlier Plone version or run an experimental (develop egg/trunk) package for a time, without having to do this with the entire namespace.

I suspect similar arguments would apply to Zope, except that the Zope 2 distribution is more stable than Plone's and backporting is likely to be less of an issue. Still, I've upgraded Five and ZopeTestCase more than once in the past. :)


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