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There's no content that isn't visible to anonymous on the site.

Basically, we originally thought we would have one documentation/"learn" section for all Zope technologies. However, it seemed to make more sense to have a folder for each sub-project (zope 2, zope 3, cmf, zodb) and keep documentation there.

What questions do you have?

Ah now I understand and found the Zope 3 section. One question I have is how the site might integrate with the apidoc tool. At least with Zope 3, a lot of good updated documentation lives in the svn repository in the form of Restructured .txt files. All it would take to make these documents easier to find and read is to hook them into apidoc and make a nicer skin for the apidoc book section with the look and feel of the new site. Basically, I want to write documentation once (in svn) and have it appear nicely formatted in multiple places: pypi, apidoc, zope.org, and wherever else. Will this be possible/is it part of the plan?

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