Previously Christian Zagrodnick wrote:
> On 2008-04-07 09:25:28 +0200, Wichert Akkerman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:
> >That depends on the type of input you want to influence. For text
> ><input> elements the size attribute indicates the maximum number of
> >characters a user can input in the field, and you can not control
> >that using CSS.
> Well, okay. But still this information must not be put into the 
> schema/interface but in the form.
> >
> >Often you also want to put a different CSS class or id on the different
> >type of <input> fields. You do not want your checkboxes to be just
> >as wide as your text input fields!
> a) input[type="text"]

IE doesn't support that.

> b) You should have the widget id/name as id on the input field or some 
> containing div.

ids are very cumbersome - you don't want to put list all ids for all
forms in your CSS. That's what classes are for.


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