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This might sound lik a stupid question, but I couldn't find any simple solution or answer for this anywhere else, so hopefully someone in this list knows the answer.

I'm using zope.formlib to generate a simple contact form. It is simple and effective. But the framework complicates for simple things such as setting the size of a textfield. I don't want all the textfields to be of the same size - I want that, depending on the field, the size of the html input will vary. And that's exactly what I couldn't do as of yet. Does anyone know how could I set the size of a textfield?

Take this as example:

Telefone = schema.TextLine(title=_(u"Telefone para Contato"),

Is there an attribute like size or something?

Someone (you?) asked this in IRC.

Schema's (and schema fields) are for specification, not presentation. (Yes, the title and description are used for presentation by default.)

If you want to provide finer control over presentation, provide custom widget in the form field definition. (It might be nice if zope.formlib.Field provided the ability to provide widget data without having to specify the widget.)


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