Sorry, I don't know where best to ask this question, but it is about
buildout, so I guess it could be called on-topic on the zope dev list.

Since about one day I have problems with buildouts using the
infrae.subversion and py eggs.  The problem can be seen with a
standard buildout.  Well, a plone 3 buildout anyway:

paster create -t plone3_buildout

In the created buildout.cfg I added this section and included it in
the parts section:

recipe = infrae.subversion
urls =

This does not do anything really, but it should be enough to
demonstrate the problem that surfaces when running bin/buildout -v:

Installing 'infrae.subversion'.
We have no distributions for infrae.subversion that satisfies 
Getting distribution for 'infrae.subversion'.
Got infrae.subversion 1.0dev-r28201.
Picked: infrae.subversion = 1.0dev-r28201
Getting required 'py==0.9.0'
  required by infrae.subversion 1.0dev-r28201.
We have no distributions for py that satisfies 'py==0.9.0'.
Getting distribution for 'py==0.9.0'.
  Getting section productcheckouts.
  Initializing section productcheckouts.
  Installing recipe infrae.subversion.
  Getting distribution for 'py==0.9.0'.
Error: Couldn't find a distribution for 'py==0.9.0'.

At least, that happens when I do not yet have py-0.9.0-py2.4.egg in my
egg cache; no complaints when I already have that one.  Has something
changed in the py egg?  Other explanations for this error?  Meanwhile
in a virtualenv I can do this without errors:

  bin/easy_install py==0.9.0

Under the theory that the problem might be caused by the latest
version of the infrae.subversion recipe (released a few days ago I
think) having a wrong dependency or so, I pin this recipe to a
previous version that I know was on the cheeseshop last week as I got
it from there:

versions = versions

infrae.subversion = 1.0dev-r27844

Then it can't find that version of the egg.  Well, my buildout could
not find it this afternoon, but of course now the reverse
demonstration effect strikes back and it goes fine:

Installing 'infrae.subversion'.
We have no distributions for infrae.subversion that satisfies 
Getting distribution for 'infrae.subversion==1.0dev-r27844'.
Got infrae.subversion 1.0dev-r27844.
Getting required 'py'
  required by infrae.subversion 1.0dev-r27844.
Picked: py = 0.9.1

But this page does not exist:
and it is not listed here:
So where does buildout get that egg now?  I emptied my egg cache.

Luckily for demonstration purposes this at least fails in a

$ bin/easy_install infrae.subversion==1.0dev_r27844
Searching for infrae.subversion==1.0dev-r27844
Reading http://pypi.python.org/simple/infrae.subversion/
Reading https://svn.infrae.com/buildout/infrae.buildout/trunk/
No local packages or download links found for infrae.subversion==1.0dev-r27844
error: Could not find suitable distribution for 

So has that version of the egg been removed from the cheeseshop?  And
can it be brought back?  I have buildouts that are pinned to that
version for stability and I would like those to work half a year from
now (or in fact tomorrow) in case I have to rebuild those buildouts on
a new server.  You never know when that meteor will hit your data
center. ;-)

Has anyone else seen this?

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