Previously Reinout van Rees wrote:
> Wichert Akkerman schreef:
> >Previously Reinout van Rees wrote:
> >>Tres Seaver schreef:
> >>>Daniel Nouri wrote:
> >>>>1.0dev-r27844 seems to be gone from PyPI.
> >>>Such a version should *never* have been "released" to PyPI (any egg /
> >>>source dist with an SVN revision number in its filename is *not*
> >>>suitable for sharing with the wider world).
> >>I've made it a habit *not* to enable the option in setup.cfg that adds 
> >>those svn revision numbers to the version. It is enabled by default in 
> >>all/most of the ZopeSkel-generated packages that I use.
> >
> >I recently started adding that option again for some of my projects. For
> >a few frequently updated sites I do a lot of updates & installs without
> >making full releases and it is extremely convenient to be able to see
> >which exact revision number I'm currently using.
> Those are probably private and not on pypi, I guess? Or do you do that 
> for a few pypi'ed packages, too? I basically don't trust myself enough 
> to enable it for public packages :-)

I do that frequently for packages which are also on pypi. We do it for
all plone.* and* packages for example. I just don't upload
those dev revisions to pypi. 


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