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Daniel Nouri wrote:
> Maurits van Rees <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Luckily for demonstration purposes this at least fails in a
>> virtualenv:
>> ===========================================================
>> $ bin/easy_install infrae.subversion==1.0dev_r27844
>> Searching for infrae.subversion==1.0dev-r27844
>> Reading http://pypi.python.org/simple/infrae.subversion/
>> Reading https://svn.infrae.com/buildout/infrae.buildout/trunk/
>> No local packages or download links found for 
>> infrae.subversion==1.0dev-r27844
>> error: Could not find suitable distribution for 
>> Requirement.parse('infrae.subversion==1.0dev-r27844')
>> ===========================================================
>> So has that version of the egg been removed from the cheeseshop?  And
>> can it be brought back?  I have buildouts that are pinned to that
>> version for stability and I would like those to work half a year from
>> now (or in fact tomorrow) in case I have to rebuild those buildouts on
>> a new server.  You never know when that meteor will hit your data
>> center. ;-)
> 1.0dev-r27844 seems to be gone from PyPI.

Such a version should *never* have been "released" to PyPI (any egg /
source dist with an SVN revision number in its filename is *not*
suitable for sharing with the wider world).  Pushing such distributions
out to PyPI, rather than sharing them in a more restricted / private
location, induces pain on the wrong parties (those who innocently rely
on PiPI, rather than those perpetrating the risky behavior).

> I'm CCing Sylvain who I
> believe made the last release.  Maybe we can even convince him to make a
> proper release, not an SVN snapshot. :-)
> Of course, we should also make sure that the latest version works
> properly with its pinned py dependency.


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