The transaction manager here:

Has support for TPC and savepoints. It is tested and works. The only issue with sqlite is that the default in the branch is to use two-phase commit and sqlite does not support this. Apart from that the module is completely self contained.

The public interfaces to it is the two functions at the bottom, join_transaction and dirty_session. The idea of the dirty_session stuff is to prevent unnecessary commits when data is only read. Session writes trigger the 'dirtying' automatically with a SessionExtension:

The downside of this approach is that the when you interact with the connection directly to modify data you must call dirty_session yourself. If this is a problem for you then you may set up the transaction to be in the dirty state initially.

Thread based session management is used (scoped_session). There is fairly extensive testing of this and the transaction support here:

I think it would be worth factoring out the threaded session support as well as the transactions.


I'm not quite sure what you mean by:

- Database triggers as events

I don't see how you could reasonably get a database trigger on the db server to instantiate a zope event on the db client. Perhaps the database could be persuaded to make a request to a URL on a trigger, but this seems a bit slow and maybe not a great solution.

- Making SA 0.4 work with security proxies

I don't know anything about security proxies in zope 3, but surely this is just a matter of what the base class is / the container implementation? I don't see why an SQL Alchemy mapped object would be any different to any other object.


Should one phase commit be set as the default to make it easier to work with sqlite (and mssql)? Probably yes.

Should the default be for sessions to start out `active` or `dirty`? If they start out `dirty` then existing 1.0 code should work as before.

It'll probably be next week before I manage to get this tidied up and merged back to trunk.


If we can all agree to use the same basic session and transaction management then we should probably push for it to be included as a sqlalchemy extension module.


Martin Aspeli wrote:
Martijn Faassen wrote:
Hi there,

[I originally picked this up on a thread on zope3-users, but this deserves its own thread here]

There are at least three approaches to SQLAlchemy integration with Zope:

* z3c.zalchemy (Christian Theune)

* z3c.sqlalchemy (Andreas Jung)

* collective.lead (Laurence Rowe)

All of these are in various states of brokenness. z3c.zalchemy doesn't work with SQLAlchemy trunk. collective.lead works with it, but only if you check out a particular branch, and not with sqlite. Quite possibly z3c.sqlalchemy has a release that actually works. One out of three is not bad... :)

Then there's also mentions about WSGI-based integration, and I think in Plone, Alchemist probably also does its own integration...

There must be a reason for this proliferation of approaches. What is it? We all get along, don't we? I know that the various packages are taking code and approaches from each other too.

Can't we work together more and at least come up with *one* package that works? Perhaps factor out some low-level commonality than then all share? Criticize one of the other packages until you're satisfied, and then retire your own package perhaps? I know the various packages add on their own approaches to configuration and might offer higher level container approaches. Those could be in different packages, sharing a foundation.

In the end, I hope we will end up with just *one* integration layer, that is released, that works with Zope 2 and Zope 3 and a recent release of SQLAlchemy, that is documented, and that people know about. We can then offer packages on top of this that offer extra features.

I'm all for one integration layer, even though I spurred one of the above (collective.lead). I would ask that we be very conservative, though. collective.lead wants to provide:

 - automatic transaction integration with ZODB transactions
 - an easy way to register your database connections
 - an easy way to look those up as utilities and get an ORM session

Everything else (e.g. Zope ORM integration, configuration abstractions, etc) should be in some other package.

collective.lead has a reasonable degree of traction in the Plone universe, at least, but should work just fine with plain Zope 3. We have other things that work on top it (mercury, rope, probably others).

The branch that works with trunk also has some carefully worked out TPC support, which is difficult to get right, though I'm disappointed that we seem to have broken sqlite integration. Hopefully it's an easy fix, though.

I'm CC'ing Laurence to ask:

 - can we get a release soon?
 - can we fix the sqlite integration?


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