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> Betreff: [Zope-dev] Re: New i18n locale extraction concept


> > My goal is to remove the dependencies in the 
> z3c.recipe.i18n, because 
> > right now it uses the base implementation in zope.app.locales which 
> > makes it depend on the hole zope namepsace. Because of the overall 
> > zope.* dependenc in zope.app.locale.
> Actually, there is lovely.receipe:i18n which provides i18n 
> extraction. 
> Does z3c.recipe.i18n something else or why is there yet 
> another i18n recipe?

Yes, I was using this recipe but it only works if the locales is
a part of a package. It's not possible to extract translations
from different packages into a own locales package.

the -d option use a path in the original i8nextract.py
my new version uses egg or develop externals package as
-d option. And allows to extract from different packages
into a single *.locales package.  

> > The best option whould be to split zope.app.locales
> > into usefull packages. The not so good optipon whould
> > be to copy over the relevant classes and scripts to
> > the recipe and skip the dependency to zope.app.locale.
> > 
> > I also started to use the recipe in z3c.locales
> > and zam.locales. Take a look at this package for
> > a real usecase.
> > 
> > What do you think? Should we switch the locale extraction
> > to that concept for the zope.* packages too or not?
> Exctaction should be in a recipe, of course. But I'm also advocating 
> for having the translations in the package and having one domain per 
> package. `

Sometimes yes, soemtimes no. I think a own domain for
pckages lie z3c.form is Ok. But I think we also need a
shared domain for packages whihc only need to translate
one, tow or a small amount of message ids.

The benefit of a shared domain is the following:
If someone speaking polnish or some other langauge then
english and uses one or two packages he is probably willing to
translate this packages. If we use a shared domain including
the translation for a larger setup of packages, he is probably
willing to translate all of them because he allready started 
the setup and beginns to translate.

Roger Ineichen

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