Sidnei da Silva wrote:
> I would like to propose backporting some of the fixes needed for
> Python 2.5 and 2.6 all the way down to Zope 2.10. The fixes that would
> be backported would only be those that deal with syntax changes (eg:
> 'with' and 'as' keyword being used as variables, relative imports) and
> some C-level changes, to Acquisition and if I
> recall. I would *not* backport changes to RestrictedPython because
> those are actually features (support for newer versions of Python) as
> opposed to the other changes, which are just 'bugfixes' IMHO.
> Would anyone be against this?

I find this pretty disturbing as it implies you *would* be running Zope 
2.10 on Python 2.5 or 2.6 without fixing RestrictedPython. Now, given 
that what you probably mean is that you want to run Plone on Python 2.6 
and given Plone's *heavy* reliance of RestrictedPython, this seems like 
a bad idea all round.

If you want to see Zope 2.10+ run on Python 2.5/2.6, then you'll need to 
do the job properly...


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