Andreas Jung wrote:
> On 04.11.2008 18:19 Uhr, Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
>> On Nov 4, 2008, at 13:59 , Hanno Schlichting wrote:
>>> If I'm not mistaken there was something about every release being
>>> supported two years after its initial release in those discussions.
>>> But time went on, we haven't sticked to a time-based release schedule
>>> and those policies haven't been written down or been followed.
>> 2 years sounds fine to me.
> We must be careful with such time-based policies because of the
> installed (Plone) installations. Zope 2.8 and Zope 2.9 are definitely
> dead horses. We must support Zope 2.10 (which is a pretty good release)
> as long as Plone 3.X is supported. Let's say Plone 4 becomes mature in
> late 2009 and widely used by 2010...then we can talk about getting rid
> of 2.10 (except the Plone releases >= 3.2 would adopt Zope 2.11 or 2.12
> at some point but I haven't heard that this is on the agenda for the
> next Plone 3.X releases).

There are currently no plans to switch to a new Zope version for neither
Plone 3.2 or 3.3. There are no plans or even a preliminary roadmap for a
Plone 3.4 release yet. It would be something like a summer or autumn
2009 release.

I think we will have some kind of feedback loop here, which makes it a
good idea from a Plone perspective to upgrade to at least Zope 2.11 for
Plone 3.4, as Zope 2.10 by whatever date that will be, is going to be an
old an rather unmaintained release.

So sticking to support 2.10, 2.11 and trunk right now and phasing out
2.10 sometime next year, sounds like a good roadmap to me.


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