Despite protestations to the existence of a ZCatalog caching tool I've 
finally released it to :)

A disclaimer is on order here: I agree that there are many other places 
where performance needs to be addressed and that catalogcache masks 
those areas; however, it works well and should solve performance 
problems on sites with expensive queries.

Andreas Jung, Christian Theune and Roche Compaan gave me a few great 
tips - thanks for that. Roche has also done benchmarking with it.

Andreas asked about the hit rate earlier. Memcached itself operates at a 
96% overall hit rate. Individual Plone catalogs (portal_catalog etc) 
vary, but they usually run at above 90% hit rate with portal_catalog 
dropping to 80% in cases. This is of course dependent on the usage 
pattern of the site.

So give it a go, or shout at me and tell me that it is a bad idea :)

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