Martijn Pieters wrote at 2009-1-25 13:29 +0100:
>On Sun, Jan 25, 2009 at 12:56, Dieter Maurer <> wrote:
>> I plan to provide such a package as "dm.ZClasses" or (maybe) "Zope2.ZClasses"
>> -- of course with some complaints against the Zope release management
>> in the documentation:
>>  *  cutting away useful features without any serious need
>>  *  lacking commitment wrt backward compatibility
>>  *  enforcing philosophical opinions (applications should be
>>     created programmatically not via configuration only (such
>>     as with ZClasses))
>Oh, please come off it. You have checkin rights and could have stepped
>up to maintain the code.

The last necessity to do something with ZClasses was for Zope 2.8.
Then, Jim did the work.

There was no need now to ditch ZClasses.

For me, it looks like hostility towards building applications via
menues rather than programming.

>This is not about enforcing philosophical
>choices, this is about being pragmatic. If the feature was truely
>useful, more developers would be maintaining and fixing it. Obviously
>the complexity of keeping it working is outweighing it's usefulness.

I do not see something "obvious" here.

I do not know how much work Jim has invested for Zope 2.8 but
I am almost sure that other efforts since then have at most
been in the order of hours (probably nothing at all).

You will now get an externally maintained ZClasses implementation
and I am quite confident that the necessary effort will be small 
(though larger of course then when it remained part of Zope).
If you like I report back or even better I document it.

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