Simon Michael wrote:
> Martijn Faassen wrote:
>> and a Sphinx-based website for official documentation maintained in SVN.
> +1 of course,
>> Anyway, overall I'm a big supporter of the "microsite" approach. It's 
>> the only approach that actually got us to new web sites over the last years.
> I must quibble: I agree with you, if by "microsite" you include the zope 
> wikis. Those new web sites were deployed and answering real-world zope 
> questions long before the others. :)

Sure, I'm not saying the wikis aren't useful. But they're not the same 
as a website either, unless the wiki is maintained very aggressively 
indeed (and historically at least the Zope 3 wiki wasn't, though I must 
say it's a lot better than it was). At least the Zope 3 web presence 
through the wiki was for a very long time quite absymal. Perhaps because 
there was *something* we didn't do enough to make it a proper presentation.

Anyway, the Zope world's changing and it seems we're finally picking up 
momentum in presenting ourselves and documenting ourselves after a long 
period of lackluster activity. I think that's great! What's more, I 
actually have some hopes we'll see an actual Zope Framework website 
appear in the course of the coming year as well (where the Zope 
Framework is the framework bits in Zope 3).



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