Andreas Jung wrote:
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> On 20.02.2009 15:23 Uhr, Martijn Faassen wrote:
>> I really hope someone provides the resources to create a microsite 
>> instead of "the Zope 3 approach on". Grok is doing two 
>> things: a Plone-based site where people can contribute documentation, 
>> and a Sphinx-based website for official documentation maintained in SVN.
>> The Zope 3 approach on is hardly a shining example of web 
>> presence for a web framework that's attractive to users. I'd say overall 
>> it's an anti-example (though it's has much improved compared to what it 
>> was before - as of quite recently it chased users away saying it was 
>> really a site for the developers of Zope 3). Hearing of plans to 
>> replicate its approach therefore worry me a little. :)
> If there are volunteer for taking over the support for microsite
> approach, I am definitely +1. Othweise I will go with the wiki approach
> (basically because of time constraints). I hope someone steps forward
> for the task its life :-)

We already have all the infrastructure and code we need. If you can 
accept that a 'microsite' is a folder ( or /zodb 
or /whatever), then we already have skeletal microsites for Zope 2, Zope 
3 or whatever else. If you'd rather have, then that'd be 
a matter of VHM configuration.

The initiative died because no-one could write any content. 
Even then 5-10 pages of content requires for a very basic microsite was 
too much, and several separate calls for volunteers produced almost no 
actual content, even if several people showed an interest.

I'm also +1 on a microsite. History suggests that Zope wikis bitrot very 

Another observation: the thing that most people seem to want to make a 
site about was the ZODB. We nearly had enough content for a ZODB 
microsite thanks to Christian Theune and a few others.

Oh... and If the Plone site approach is too much overhead to set up 
(again?), then Sphinx would be another option. It seems we have a few 
people who may be willing to maintain a Sphinx based static site, in 
which case, all the better.


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