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Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> You can try to bake more leadership of the overall Zope community into
> this, but I think this is a fruitless fight right now. Reduce the scope,
> try make some things better and don't step on other peoples feet if you
> don't need to. For example don't try to push out style-guides for the
> entirety of the svn.zope.org repository. They lead to bike-shed
> discussions and discourage contributions.

Yes, I agree with restricting scope. I wanted to restrict scope to a set 
of libraries that's shared between a bunch of the big consumer projects, 
and that I called "the Zope Framework". It's not something you install 
by itself, and it's not something that everybody uses every bit of. But 
it is something that is shared by a lot of people and we need to take 
responsibility for and manage as a whole, not just as a whole bunch of 

Beyond that in our repository, the framework steering group would have 
influence but no authority. The document reflects that thinking.

Repository-wide guidelines do exist, such as the copyright assignment 
policy, and the general 'trunk'/'branches'/'tags' structure of projects, 
and the way people name distributions of packages the same name as the 
package name ('zope.foo' is released as 'zope.foo'), and I'm sure we can 
come up with many more of such conventions. It's not something for the 
Zope Framework group to care about though. Part of that will just happen 
by consensus and example anyway, but outside of the realm of the Zope 
Framework Steering Group.



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