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> On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 9:55 PM, Martijn Faassen <>
> wrote:
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> > The steering group isn't intended to take a responsibility for the
> > entirety of the Zope software. Zope 2, Grok and the Zope 3 app server
> > (which would be a distinct entity) would manage themselves and the Zope
> > Framework steering group would not have a say over the libraries and
> > configuration they add.
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> > I do also think that we should go to a smaller set of libraries. We
> > currently share a huge amount of code that only one consumer actually
> > uses. For instance, I think all of the* packages which contain
> > ZMI code can eventually be left to the management of the Zope 3
> > developers, meaning they'd not be part of the Zope Framework anymore.
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> > """
> > As a service to the users of the Zope Framework, the Zope developers
> > also make available lists of version numbers of core libraries that
> > have been tested to work together as a "Known Good Set". This receives
> > a version number and is the Zope Framework release.  Users of the Zope
> > framework can use this list, but may also diverge from it where they
> > see fit. Other projects (such as the Zope 3 application server and the
> > Grok project) also have a Known Good Sets that expand on the Zope
> > framework list (and may diverge from it). Each of these consumer
> > projects can of course have their own release process, schedule and
> > version numbering.
> > """
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> > It may very well be true that in some time we'll develop clusters of
> > libraries that can be more or less managed on their own. The ZMI is such
> > a cluster that I hope will eventually emerge (and that the Zope
> > Framework Steering Group doesn't care about directly). That'd reduce the
> > coordination overhead. But sometimes we do need to take coordinated
> > action, and I don't see that need disappearing entirely.
> I think those who care about "Zope 3" (framework/app server/libraries/
> or whatever)
> should form a team and mailing list to discuss about the future
> development. All other major consumers of the "Zope Framework Project" has
> their on mailing list for discussions.  I guess very soon zope-dev list
> will become inappropriate to discuss about "Zope 3".  Just like Grok,Repoze
> etc. it is better
> to create a list for "Zope 3", may be re-activate zope3-dev list to
> discuss about
> the "Zope 3" (framework/app server/libraries/ or whatever). Well, if
> no one cares
> about "Zope 3", let's leave it.

What would be interesting to know is:

- Who is out there
- What these people are using:
  * Zope libraries
  * Zope 2
  * Zope 3 app server
  * Plone
  * Grok
  * Something else
- Who has already contributed (and what)
- Who has the technical expertise and time to contribute

This probably would help us/the steering group to form teams around different 
projects. For instance, as the steering group is not about the Zope 3 app 
server, there needs to be some team for that part.

And I am personally interested if the Zope 3 app server is something that's 
dying in favour for other projects (Plone/Grok) or is actively used.

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