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> Lennart Regebro wrote:
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> > And it is in any case in no way even remotely connected to the group
> > Martijn proposed and has been discussed in this thread.
> - Attracting newbies to web development is not a task of the Zope
> Framework project directly, and here I diverge from Hermann. That's a
> task of the Plone project or the Grok project, etc. I do think that the
> Zope Framework leadership could be much better at attracting and
> stimulating contributions to the libraries.
> Attracting more users is important, but that's a task for the Zope 3 app
> server developers (however they organize) or the Grok project. The Zope
> Framework is a second-level provider to these projects, and in reality
> of course people who care about these projects will do most of the
> driving of development of the Zope Framework. It's a forum where all
> users of these libraries (many or just a few) can get together, work out
> our diverse interests, and coordinate.

Ok, it seems I mixed up the Zope3 app server and the Zope Framework a 
little.So, I agree that attracting newbies should better be done via 
Grok/Zope3 app server or anything else that build on top of the Zope 
Framework, as this is the logic path.

Nevertheless the Zope Framework should have:

- Documentation
- Central Website
- Some other structure for collaboration (mailing list...)

And I think that these points should also be a topic of the steering group.

I think an ideal approach would be that the above can be seamingless 
integrated in upper-level frameworks, so that the step from Zope3 app 
server/Grok to the Zope Framework is as easy as possible, and, moreover, that 
efforts need not to be doubled (e.g. that someone writing documentation for 
Zope 3 app server has to write something about interfaces or the component 

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