Baiju M wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 2:34 PM, Hermann Himmelbauer <> wrote:
> [snip]
>> - I think, Zope 3 is not only about some seperate packages, but about a
>> complete "programming experience". Thus there needs to be some integrating
>> force, that draws together all these packages, writes some documentation /
>> tutorial / website etc.
> +1
> I believe packages developed as part of the Zope 3 project is
> here to stay for a long time (of course, after dependency cleanup
> some of them may become obsolete). This will happen even if some
> of the frameworks based on it are no more available.

I'm fine if some people want to get together and organize "Zope 3" to 
offer an integrated experience. Zope 3 is the thing people install and 
start projects with. It's what should have a website explaining what it 
is all about.

It's not what the Zope Framework Steering Group cares for however. It 
doesn't directly care for Zope 3. Zope 3 is explictly *not* the Zope 
Framework project, just like Grok isn't the Zope Framework project. Both
have a stake in the project and will participate in the project, but 
just like the Zope Framework Steering Group doesn't manage, it won't manage (if such a thing exists) 

While I'm quite interested in volunteering to help coordinate Zope 
Framework development, I'm not at all interested in volunteering to help 
coordinate Zope 3 app server development.



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