Tres Seaver wrote:
>>>> KGS the 
>>>> concept is very easy to implement; you just make available on some URL a 
>>>> buildout versions.cfg, or you run your own package index.
>>> OK, the former I can see happening on an end-user project, the latter is 
>>> just too much work.
> Not really.  Collect the tarballs, run a script, configure Apache to
> serve that diretory. 

Hmm, too much... but is it needed?
Can you not point index at just a local folder on disk?
I'm sure the Plone folks did something like this, maybe Hanno can chime in?

>> A meta egg is an egg that only list dependencies and does not contain
>> code of its own.
> I also intened that eggified-Zope2 releases would "pin" the underlying
> versions, so that installing it would give you a fixed configuration.

I think this makes sense for whatever replaces the "tarball release".

> Others overrode that choice, preferring to have an "upgradeable"
> version, which then requires a KGS.  It might be sensible to distribute
> both variants, actually.

Yeah, I think a "naked egg" that pins the right versions and a "big fat 
tarball" which is absolutely nailed to only use the stuff it ships with 
makes sense...

...tricky to install "extra stuff" in the latter though.


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