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> Gary's, Mine, Tres', Simon's, Benji's and others I could find if I trolled
> through the thread, which I won't.

I can't see how these have been disregarded. Gary proposed that we say
that Zope 3 has been renamed to the Zope Toolkit. Martijn proposed
something else. I proposed a third thing. That me and Martijn doesn't
automatically agree with an opinion doesn't mean we disregard it.

> Continuing to talk about Zope 3 is harmful.  Saying that Zope 3 is a dead
> end is also harmful.  Saying that Zope 3 is being renamed to Zope Toolkit
> with some things left out and with some possible Zope 3 project that may or
> may not support the bits left out is at best too confusing.  Simply saying
> that we're renaming Zope 3 to the Zope Toolkit is clean and simple.

But it's inaccurate, and it forgets the fact that Zope 3 will be
maintained for at least the nearest future.

And it *is* inaccurate. Not imprecise, inaccurate. The Toolkit is not
a renaming of Zope 3. It's a subset of it. Yes, the statement "Zope 3
is now called Zope Toolkit" is clear. But what happens when people
discover that in fact, that the Zope Toolkit is NOT Zope 3, and in
fact Zope 3 is still being maintained by Stephan Richter? Is it still
clear then?

In my opinion it isn't. And I've pointed this out several times, and
nobody comes back with a response. Nobody is saying "Yes, we should
say that Zope 3 is renamed to Zope Toolkit even though it's incorrect
because...." or "It's going to be less confusing because...."

So, if I'm gonna act hurt, I'll claim that anybodys opinion here is
being disregarded, it's mine. ;-)
And I'll state it again, for clarities sake:

I think that Zope 3 should be renamed. I proposed "Blue Bream" (and
not to the Zope Toolkit, because Zope 3 is NOT the Zope Toolkit. It's
more than that). It removes the confusion between Zope 2 and Zope 3.
It removes the confusion between Zope 3 and the Zope Toolkit. This way
we do not have to continue to talk about Zope 3. This way we don't
have to say that Zope 3 is dead. This way we don't have to say that
Zope 3 is renamed Zope Toolkit with bits left out. And it is correct,
accurate and clear.

I have still to see any arguments against this. If there are any,
please put them forward.

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