Martijn Faassen wrote:
> What do people feel about dropping Python 2.4 support in the Zope 
> Toolkit? I.e. new releases of packages in the Zope Toolkit (handwave 
> vaguely as we *still* don't have a canonical list) only have to work in 
> Python 2.5 (and preferably 2.6), not Python 2.4 anymore.

Btw. I just updated the Zope2 KGS over the weekend again at*checkout*/Zope/trunk/versions.cfg

It contains the latest released version of everything Zope2 depends on
at least. So it should be a good base for deciding what exactly the Zope
Toolkit is.

> What do Zope 2 and Plone people in general think about moving to Python 
> 2.5 for the newer releases? I'll note we're shuffling around the 
> dependency structure so much in the Zope Toolkit it's unlikely 
> everything will remain compatible for that reason as well.

As others mentioned as long as there's no good compelling reason to drop
support for a Python version I'd rather not do it.

Andreas mentioned the policy for Zope 2.12: It ain't officially
supported, but we won't break it without a good reason.

The Plone policy is:

For 3.x is: stuck with Python 2.4
For 4.0: We require Python 2.6 and won't even support 2.5. But Plone 4.0
is future-ware that will be released sometime next year.


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