In order to get to a conclusion:

I haven't seen convincing arguments yet *not* to drop the Python 2.4 for 
new releases of the Zope Toolkit libraries.

I'd like to phrase the debate in those terms instead of the reverse, 
because ensuring Python 2.4 compatibility is an additional burden for 
developers and we need good arguments for *not* dropping this burden.

There is some discussion that Plone 3.x on Zope 2.10 could maybe use 
Zope Toolkit libraries somehow and that there would be a problem if we 
dropped Python 2.4 support. I still don't quite see how this can happen, 
as it already uses Zope 3.x, right? You can't use multiple versions of 
both libraries at the same time. I tried to explain how it's problematic 
to mix libraries that are post-dependency-refactoring with libraries 
from *before* the dependency refactoring.

I think we have two libraries with a special status that should retain 
Python 2.4 support for the time being: zope.interface and zope.component.

Any other arguments against dropping Python 2.4 support for the other 
libraries? If not, I'll record this as a Zope Toolkit Steering Group 
decision soon.



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