Shane Hathaway wrote:
> Martijn Faassen wrote:
>> It might actually be the best to move these ZCML directives *down* into 
>> zope.component. That won't affect the dependencies of zope.component at 
>> all in fact; the [zcml] dependencies of zope.component already need all 
>> the dependencies that's view and resource directives 
>> implement.
> I see that zope.component now relies fairly heavily on the setuptools 
> "extras_require", which makes the proposed move possible.  At what point 
> did we decide extras_require is good?  Just curious.

We didn't. This extras_requires has been in there for a long time, as 
the other ZCML statements are already defined in it.

In the past I proposed pulling out the ZCML statement implementations 
from zope.component into something like zope.componentzcml, or 
zcml.component or whatnot. That could still happen, if we can find some 



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