2010/1/5 Martin Aspeli <optilude+li...@gmail.com>:
> Andreas Jung wrote:
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>> Baiju M wrote:
>>> Hi All, I am proposing to call "Zope 3 - the web frame work" as
>>> "BlueBream".  The main use for name is documentation. But the
>>> package named "bluebream" will not provide any part of framework
>>> code by itself. All the framework code will be in "zope" and
>>> "zope.app" namespaces.
>> I associate blueberry bagels with cream cheese when reading the name
>> "Bluebream". Sorry but this name is pointless and does not solve any issue
>> - - it just introduces some more confusion.
> I think if there are people interested in "the web development framework
> previously known as Zope 3" - and it seem that there is - we'll need to
> call it something. I think continuing to call it "Zope 3" is just
> confusing, given that we've factored the ZTK out of Zope 3, and we've
> spent ages saying that "Zope 3 is part of Zope 2" and "Zope 3 is part of
> Grok". That message was confusing before, and the history since is
> making it more confusing still.

If we released "Zope 3 the web framework" as version 3.5, little would
change for existing Zope 3 users since it still includes all zope.app
packages with backward compatibility imports. Wasn't this the plan
last year? I see no more confusion than was before, only less. The
reasons mentioned here are now false, because Zope 3.5 is based on
ZTK, Zope 2.12 is based on ZTK, and Grok is based on ZTK. Explanations
written at http://download.zope.org/zope3.4/ are still true, and after
renaming some occurrences of "Zope 3" to ZTK, Zope 3.5 KGS would be
the same "Zope 3" thing as Zope 3.4 was.

I am a Zope 3 developer for two large apps but I don't care about the fish.

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