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Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Jan Ulrich Hasecke wrote:
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>> On 05.01.10 08:36, Martin Aspeli wrote:
>>> +1. It puts the final nail in the Zope 3 coffin and allows a reborn
>>> vampire to emerge from slumber.
>> Ok, we all hate the damage that Zope 3 did and I have no problem to call
>> one of the x Zope Webframeworks "Bluebream", but I would like to save
>> the trademark from vanishing completely.
>> What we have now are a bunch of Webframeworks built upon the ZTK. One of
>> these frameworks is called Zope 2 for historical reasons. So if you tell
>> the Zope story, you might end up with a story without a hero:
> Maybe we'll go back to the future, so the framework is Zope and the 
> version number is 2. :-)


Before Zope 3 Zope 1 and 2 were "Zope". I don't see why that should
change. With the "devolution" of Zope 3 it is only logical to move the
name "Zope" back to Zope 2.

>> We have the ZTK in the center and some other peripheral libraries and we
>> have Grok, Zope2, Bluebream, BFG, bobo and Humpty Dumpty, all great
>> frameworks. We can even call them Zope Frameworks, but where is Zope in
>> this story? What is Zope?

Zope 2 is Zope.

>> Possible solution:
>> If all of the ZTK is in the namespace zope someday, why don't we call
>> the ZTK "Zope", as it seems to be the heart of all these webframeworks?

It is not at the heart of all those frameworks. The ZTK is used by some
of them, to a varying degree.

> The Z in ZTK stands for Zope. It's not useful "on its own", though, so 
> calling it just "Zope" would be confusing as hell.

I fully agree.


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