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Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Hey Tres,
> Tres Seaver wrote:
>> You're kidding, right?
> [snip]
>> My self-interest?  Not really:  you are appealing to my altruism, in the
>> fact that I care about the *broader* Zope community (broader than Zope2,
>> Grok, Plone, or whatever.  Neither of my chosen platforms (Zope2, bfg)
>> rely any longer on any of thsoe pacakages at all, which makes my direct
>> interest in them exactly zero.
> Basically we all worked together for a year. Now Zope 2 happens to be 
> done first moving off zope.app, so you're telling me f$%#%Q#k you, I 
> don't need you anymore, go away.

I don't mean to say anything like that:  my contention is that the
non-zope.app ZTK packages no longer have any dependencies on zope.app,
which removes the only technical reason to keep them in the toolkit.  A
lot of the drive for that cleanup is the efforts from the Zope2 side to
track down and eradicate those dependencies, because the Zope2
developers have had an explicit "zope.app delenda est"-geddon running
for months now.

I don't mean to shaft folks who are still depending on some subset of
the zope.app packages:  I'm just puzzled by the notion that they belong
in the ZTK for any reason other than the ZTK's own internal testing
dependencies, or that keeping them there helps anybody.  Until last
week, Up through the 2.12 release line, Zope2 has been happily consuming
a non-ZTK subset of those packages (different pins than the ZTK trunk in
some cases).

Grok has a similar fork / subset in its own versions.cfg:  figuring out
which of the packages listed there are actual requirements for Grok is
not a task I can devote any time to, but should be on the "front burner"
for the Grok developers who are thinking about transitioning to the ZTK.

I do think your zopeapp solution may have some appeal for various
framework developers trying to transition to the pared-down ZTK, but I
don't have any plans to devote any proactive bandwidth to that effort
(as opposed to answering questions or helping resolve issues raised by
people who are working with it).

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